Post Operative Information


We will give you an outpatient appointment for review in three weeks. This appointment will be made for you before you leave the hospital.

You will need to visit your practice nurse a week following the operation in order to check the tiny "portals" or entry sites. Usually you will have two or three of these with one or two stiches, which your practice nurse can remove. In the unlikely event that you have trouble seeing  the nurse please ring the ward and we'll arrange to take the stiches out in hospital. 

Please keep the shoulder area dry. Very occasionally there may be  a little colourless oozing from the wound. This is extremely unlikely to be an infection but it may be prudent to check with your practice or the ward.

It is important that you visit your physiotherapist regularly to supervise your post operative rehabilitation. They will receive a letter detailing the operative findings and procedure together with any appropriate instructions. This will be sent by email or fax and I would be grateful if you could call to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Unless your shoulder needs to be immobilised in a sling for a short period you must move the shoulder frequently, visiting the extremes of movement on a regular and frequent (at least every hour) basis.

The movements should be slow and purposeful - avoid sudden or repetitive movements.

The exercises need to be carried out frequently (at least every two hours) but can be done very quickly if inconvenient. Try to do a little and often.

You will need to visit the extremes of movement, pushing into the pain if necessary, in order to prevent stiffness and the formation of adhesions. Persistent stiffness will result in failure of the pain to resolve. No pain no gain!

The stretching is often best done lying on a firm surface such as the carpet in your bedroom or living room. This prevents you rotating the shoulder girdle and the movement stretches the shoulder joint.

The hospital physiotherapist will go through these exercises with you before you leave hospital.

Shoulder procedures typically can take a few weeks to settle. Please take pain killers and be a patient patient!

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